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These are some very sensitive robots, but I like their faces.
(By the way, when he puts his plug in her do you think it represents sex? I’m just saying… I bet it does. I bet that’s what robot sex is.)

Everyone’s dog  should have this ball

This is kind of interesting if you’re into David Foster Wallace. (And kind of interesting even if you’re not.)

So, I have to admit that I haven’t  made it through one of David Foster Wallace’s books yet. I started The Broom of the System but only got through a few chapters before I moved on to something else. But he fascinates me for some reason. I love reading about him more than I love reading him. I know that’s horrible to say and I’m sure he’d probably hate that. (Actually, I’m not sure. I’m just guessing because I would hate that.) But check out this link and see how much he writes in his books. It’s crazy. Almost sacrilege. I mean, he put glasses on Cormac McCarthy!

Folded paper is cool.

A fun article on opening lines in literature.

A shoebox art auction that is freakin’ rad.

God made me link to this.

Actually it was Marc Johns but you get the idea.