Things to do at the Santa Cruz Wharf to Wharf 2009

(You know, other than run.)

1. Give a friend a piggyback ride for one block.

2. Bow down and pay hommage to your favorite band. (I’m talking “we’re not worthy” style–on your knees and everything.)

3. Flash and/or moon the bagpipers. Then don’t forget to say thank you. (They always look so hot out there.)

4. Run backwards in front of the marching band.

5. Pet the statue of the dead looking whale at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History.

6. Every time you see a drum circle turn around in a circle.

7. Give at least one kid a highfive and, if they don’t already know, teach them the difference between up-high and down-low.

8. Wink at one person you find attractive.

9. Dance with a stranger.

10. Bark like a seal any time you go over a bridge.

11. Do the moonwalk…you know why.

12. Pace yourself with someone you know is faster than you for one mile.

13. Do a cartwheel at 7th avenue. (Just make sure you don’t hit anyone.)

14. Compliment someone’s socks.

15. Give a peace sign at least once.

16. Lean/dive forward at every spot where they take your time–even if you’re walking.

17. Run while holding hands with someone.

18. Trade hats or glasses with someone.

19. Jump as high as you can at every mile mark.

20. If you know how to break dance DO IT! If you don’t, then just fake it.

21. Blow a snot rocket.

22. Give someone a hug.

23. Practice your freestyle walking.

24. Fall down in the middle of the road and start screaming, “JUST GO ON WITHOUT ME!! JUST KEEP GOING!!! LEAVE ME HERE!!!”

25. Run into Brady’s Yacht Club and do a lap around the pool table.

26. Tell the people that hand you water how beautiful they are.

27. Pick up a piece of trash.

28. Keep telling people there are only five more miles left.

29. Do that thing where you tap someone’s right shoulder even though you are standing behind the left (or vise versa).

30. Randomly yell, “I love Santa Cruz!!!”

31. Drink from a garden-hose.

And er… I dunno…

32. Meet me at the end!

Ha, if you have any more ideas let me know. ;)