Met a four-year old who likes music and Goldfish crackers tonight


She was watching me while I was waiting for my train in that curious little kid way that makes you feel like you have something on your face but really it’s just that you’re an adult and therefore somewhat mysterious and unknown. Also, if you’re me, you’re probably wearing bright colors and have pretty nail polish.  (Two things that most little girls and 20-somethings love.)

So yes, this particular little girl was dressed in all pink and wearing pig tails. She walked up to me, said hi, and asked, “What are those?” while pointing to my headphones. So I said, “Headphones, want to listen?” And she said yes please, so I gave them to her and she said, “Here you take one too.” Which is very thoughtful and nice.

So we sat there and listened to The Dog Days Are Over (which just happened to be on Pandora at the time) and her grandma, who was watching us, was smiling that smile that says, It’s okay that you talk to my kid. 

So I did.

And she told that she was four, in pre-school, and then she explained how to mix colors together to make other colors, asked if she could see my ipod, and showed me how to dance.  After that, she got some Goldfish crackers  that were orange, not white, and got on the N train happy as could be.

Kids are cute. And fearless sometimes too. It’s nice to see. When you stumble across a stranger who also happens to be four and completely delightful it almost feels like some sort of gift. Especially when you both love the same cheesy Goldfish crackers.


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