If fish dreamed and yawned and you swallowed their yawn-dream bubble would you dream fish-dreams?

Going through old emails tonight and found some old weirdness. Sometimes I think my best writing takes place on stressed out Thursday afternoons. Ha, then again, maybe it’s the worst. I’ll leave it up to you…

I have a science question for you… Why do people yawn?

Also, are there animals that don’t yawn? Like, do only mammals yawn or something? Because I swear I saw a crocodile yawn once but maybe he was just stretching his jowls. I think a crocodile should be able to yawn if he wants to.

What about fish–can fish yawn? Does a fish-yawn make a bubble? Is it possible to swallow a fish-yawn bubble while you’re swimming? Do you think it would make you tired? Or would you just get a taste of what it’s like to be a fish because you just swallowed a piece of the fish’s fish-dreams?

Can fish even dream? If fish dreamed and yawned and you swallowed their yawn-dream bubble would you dream fish-dreams or would you yawn your own yawn-dream bubble? Because I know that yawning is contagious but can it really pass from species to species? Because I also know a lot of things that are contagious can’t pass from species to species because of genes and stuff.

Do you think dreams are contagious? Can you catch someone’s dreams like a cold or a virus? Are dreams hereditary? Are dreams and yawns connected at all?

Do you think maybe yawns are how dreams travel? And when you wake up and yawn that’s really the dream coming out and you think you’re remembering it normally but really you’re smelling it in your yawn or something?

Because I know that smell is the sense most connected to memory so maybe that’s right.

Do you think fish remember things? And can they smell? Do they have noses? They have little holes right?

Do you think fish think fish smells bad? Or do you think fish think people smell bad? Like, instead of saying, “something smells fishy in here,” do you think a fish would say, “something smells peopley in here.” And then the other fish would answer, “You know, I thought I smelled something weird too.”

Do you think fish can smell things like fear? Because I know bees can.

Do you think fish know when you’re sad like dogs? Do you think that would make them swim closer to you or farther away? I’d like to think closer because I like the idea of fish swimming near me when I’m sad.

Can fish cry? Can anyone cry if they’re underwater? I mean, is it really crying if you’re underwater? Because you’re not making tears-you’re just making more water. Maybe if we all cried under water we really wouldn’t be crying. We’d just be making more water for us to swim in.

And also, going back to the first thing, is there a plant version of yawning? Probably not, but that would be cool if trees could yawn. Maybe when trees are really tired they make that creaking noise and that’s how they yawn.

Or wait, do you think trees get tired? What is being tired really?

Because sometimes you can be really tired but it seems like you’re really awake but you’re just kind of functioning and being awake without really fully functioning and being awake. Can trees do that? Or is that what trees do all the time because they don’t have brains and stuff?

Well, that’s it.

I would like my answers by the next hour please.


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