I like it when…

…someone is cooking for you in a pan and instead of using a spatula or a spoon to serve you, they come over and dump whatever they made for you right onto your plate.

…my cat covers his face with his paw to keep out the light while he’s sleeping.

…waiters and waitresses tell you about their day or give you an idea of what’s going on with the restaurant. It always feels like you’re  in on a secret. “We hired a new guy today and he’s really great at filling up water glasses.”

…a place I lived in, visited, or just know is mentioned in a book.

…people give up their seats on the train. There’s always something simple and beautiful about it. Especially when they give up their seat for someone random–someone who isn’t old or doesn’t have a baby. They just decided that person looked like they needed to sit down so they gave them their spot. That’s so great.

…you’re the only one up in a big house full of people and everyone else is asleep. It feels sacred somehow. It’s so quiet and so full at the same time.

…old people wear the same coats. I see this a lot lately. A lot of older couples will buy the same sensible sportswear jacket or the same warm fleece. I’ve seen three different older couples this week, walking down Church street looking warm and happy and the same in their matching outfits.

…people ask your name when you order food or coffee. Every time, for just the smallest moment, I think that the person at the counter is interested in me and maybe wants to know me better and become friends.


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