Bernal Heights West, Two Circles Walk

My brother gave me this Stairway Walks in San Francisco book after the winter break and I thought I’d take this Superbowl Sunday to try one out. (I could really care less about the game now that the 49ers are out of it.) It made for a fun day of urban hiking. There were lots of beautiful views of the city, cute houses, random pieces of city life–a couple making out in the park, a message carved into the sidewalk, a hipster garage sale, and a group of old ladlies taking pictures together in front of a particulary lovely turquoise Bel Air. And I took a sidetrip to walk down Courtland street and check out the Bernal strip. I’ll definitely have to go back there to try some of the breakfast spots.

It’s been a good mellow weekend filled with massive amounts of reading, writing, and walking. I found myself alone on Friday night with absolutely nothing to do and, oddly enough, felt giddy and excited walking home after work. Kind of like how I used to feel as a teenager and my parents would go out of town. Freedom! Ha, so I indulged myself with a good bottle of Ridge wine and The Dud Avacado by Elaine Dundy. 

Nothing all that exciting this weekend I’m afraid. But then, things don’t have to be exciting in order to be completely wonderful. 



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