And the actual and the ideal gradually came closer together


I finished Moon Palace tonight (the title of this post was a line that stood out to me) while sitting on the couch and talking with family. It was a great read and I liked that the end felt more like a beginning. Sometimes it’s annoying when novels do this but if it’s done right it can be wonderful. And really, I’m in the mood for new beginnings, it being so close to New Year’s and all, so the timing is right.

It’s been a fun day, I slept in, visited with the family, got a haircut, checked out the new (well, newer, since it’s only been open for a year or so) independent bookstore here in Sunriver and picked up two new books 1Q84 and Death and the Penguin. The two owners there were lovely and I had fun chatting it up with them a bit before checking out the other shops in the village and heading over to the lodge for a glass of wine. After that I met my aunt and my mom then came back to the house to sit and read with dogs and family. That’s pretty much how it goes around here. 

It’s raining now and the rest of the house is asleep so it’s quiet except for the sounds of the rain coming down harder and harder outside. I like being the last one awake in a big full house. There’s a weird dichotomy to it. I always feel this comfortable responsibility–as if I’m the one watching over everyone. And yet, there’s this safeness too. Because I know if something happens and I’m the one that needs watching over that everyone is already here.

I dunno, maybe that’s just what family feels like. Whatever it is, it’s nice. 


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