Everything is better with beautiful mismatched tile.

But the red wine and candles don’t hurt much either.


I got home after meeting friends for dinner tonight and found myself somehow wired and awake. Maybe it was listening to the boisterous groups of twenty-somethings on the train, or the article I was reading about placebos once they got off, or the cold weather we’ve had lately–distinct and sharp somehow. Hmm, or maybe it was just me. Whatever it was I needed to relax.

Sometimes I’m so quintessentially, stereotypically “single girl” that it makes me laugh and wonder at myself. Do I really like bubble baths and red wine? Or do I just think I do because it’s some kind of postmodern conditioned behavior of mine–because society tells me it’s what I should like? 

Ha, ya, okay, I’ll shut up. Of course I really like red wine. And baths, and my crazy complicated mess of a cat, and the smell of lavender soap, and (I’m not even making this up) the Jane Austin mix I created on Grooveshark filled with the scores from Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. 

I know right? I really listened to that. I do it all the time. It is so lame on so many levels.

And yet…

I’m actually kind of proud of it. I mean, I’ll only say it here in this stupid daily thoughts journal that I haven’t bothered to tell anyone about yet, but ya, I really am proud. You know, in that semi-anonymous blog post that nobody will read and if they do they won’t acknowledge it kind of way.

I’ve often likened blogging (well, my kind of blogging–the unoptimized, untargeted, and yesyes, unread kind) to putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean. (They do call it surfing the net afterall.) But you put it out there not really expecting anyone to find it. And yet (and yet and yet and yet) why would you have bothered to throw it out there at all if you didn’t think that maybe, one day, it might wash upon some stranger’s shore.

But yes, I had a nice day and a nice night. I am tired enough to go to sleep. I’ve kept this little journal of mine going for three whole days. That’s longer than my usual projects.

So I’ll keep on tossing bottles I suppose. 


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