Before you read this book, there’s something you should know…

If you don’t like this book a part of me will be very sad. You mean a great deal to me and so does this book and if the two of you don’t get along it will be very hard for all of us. Because I have found myself in this book–a piece, or a part, or a huge overwhelming cancer that has infected every little bit of me–and if you don’t like this book, if you don’t “get” it or understand why it’s so amazing and wonderful and yet horrible and terrifying at the same time, then I’m afraid that you will never, never get to know who I am. You will never “get” or understand me because I belong to this book just as it belongs to me and we cannot be separated. We cannot. So yes, I will be sad. And also very very sorry. Because though I don’t always love myself, I do love this book. I have never doubted it, have never stopped loving it. And this love and trust has never wavered. Never. This book is the very best and worst part of me.

But, you know, no pressure or anything.


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