Monday linklog

Vanitas by Aseem Kaul

“I was looking at my work desk, with items as described in the poem.”

No skull on this desk.

No fruit gleaming like gemstones
or globe pregnant with distance –
imperial balloon revolving
between two fixed ends.

Only the dull incandescence
of the computer – unreflective,
self-contained – three stubs
in the jaw of the ashtray,

and a venti coffee cup
that proclaims Caution
Contents May Be Hot.
A life stilled, arranged:

poems too fleeting, days too
quick; two squares of light
on the wall like post-its,
reminding me that somewhere,

outside this frame,
children are laughing
in a timeless sunshine,
traffic is flowing, birds are at play.

Look out the window:
it’s a beautiful day.


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