Real-life alternatives to The Celebrity Cookie Diet

They’re all a little bit more complicated it’s true, but just as effective.

  • The lonely girl eat an entire package of Pillsbury cookie-dough by herself because nobody is watching and nobody is around to care diet
  • The desperate late-nighter’s what do I have in my house that I can put cheddar-cheese on without it completely grossing out my roommate diet
  • The obsessive-girl’s eat Mexican food every single day of the week diet
  • The obsessive-girl’s eat bagels for every single meal diet
  • The obsessive-girl’s lets see how long I can last on boxed mashed-potatoes with little to no nutritional value diet
  • The 20-something who doesn’t know how to manage a personal budget eat large, extravagant, and expensive meals at the beginning of the pay period before running out of funds and subsisting on nothing but peanut butter and jelly for two weeks at the end of the month diet
  • The broke and depressed fuck it, I don’t care, I want sushi and I want it now diet
  • The lazy person’s I’m not really that hungry, don’t want to go to the grocery store, should save money anyway, so I’ll tell myself I’m fat and shouldn’t eat so I can justify my self-neglect eat nothing for a day or two diet

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