I’ve created a new letter

I do this all the time when I’m writing lately but I think it’s kind of pretty:

It’s supposed to be an r and an e but I can be a bit messy when I’m lost in the fury of writing and sometimes things (things being my letters) run together. (Just like my sentences. Hahaha!) I think it looks kind of like a weird combination of an m and an e or just a really weird m. (Especially when I’m writing really fast and the letters are closer together.)

But I like it. I think it’s going to be my new artistic signature instead of this:

Which is cool but I prefer swirls and loopy type things as opposed to sharp points.

The second one I created in high school and was/is supposed to represent my initials MM but also mountains and also a rising and falling path and also a heart beat and also…blablabla, you get it. (I used to sit around and think about these kinds of things.)

The first one though, can represent the word me, and the first two letters of my first name M e and also a different, more haphazard path. It looks like a car that was driving on a straight path until it realized it wasn’t the right way to go, or maybe just that there are other ways to go and other ways to drive, so then the car backed up and took off on a much more adventurous (though at times dangerous and uncertain) path—a path with loops and curves and an assent at the end implying that the car and the path itself is launching into some kind of unknown place or world or further continuance of the path. This is also the exact path that my pencil/pen/hand takes as I write it, thus the letter can represent the path of the writer/creator as much as the path of the life-liver/created.

All of which is like, duh, totally cool.

Additionally, since the actual formation of this new, most amazing of all letters, is a combination of r and e, it can also stand for re—the Latin prefix for, “again; back, backward.” And, OMG!!!, isn’t that like so totally perfect! I didn’t even do that on purpose! So it totally reinforces the backing up and starting over motion represented by the path of the letter itself.

F*ck ya! I love it when that happens!

Also, it can stand for the “Re:” in an email which, as we all know, stands for response. And isn’t art oftentimes a response to life? And isn’t backing up, and REvisting, and “againing” things a response to life and the inevitable twists and turns and loops etc. etc. etc. that we all take while making our way through it? In order to create knew knowledge we must build upon, and REvist, prior knowledge. Before going forward we must go back—or I dunno, I’m not sure about that yet. It reminds me of this quote from the Proverbs of Hell from Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell that I can’t remember all the way so I’m going to look it up real quick. Okay:

Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead.

Wow, that’s even better then I remembered too! So okay, it’s like you’re supposed to drive your cart (in the 21st century this would be a car—just like my path/car metaphor thing from above) over the bones of the dead—so yes drive over the past and move forward blablabla. But wait, no, not just that. Your car and your PLOW. A plow—now wait a minute, what is it that a plow does? According to Wikipedia…

The plough (American spelling: plow; both pronounced /plaʊ/) is a tool used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting.. The primary purpose of ploughing is to turn over the upper layer of the soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while burying weeds and the remains of previous crops, allowing them to break down.

OMG!!! So it’s about taking the weeds and remains (aka the dead/the past/the no-longer relevant or maybe just the old ideas or people or places or things) and not just burying them but REusing them, REcylcing them, REtiling the earth and the soil (Wait, isn’t that a Jesus thing? Eh, lets leave him out of this) and the life and the everything to make new things that are also old things REdone and REmolded and REeverythinged so these new great things can grow and keep on growing and go on and on and on and on and on…

To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to REcreate life from life!

Um.. ya, hellooooooooo… my letter is like, totally awesome! I love it when you can find meaning from the most everyday, mundane things—like bad handwriting. The postmodernists were like so dead on. Sometimes I feel like the voice inside my head is really just a Virginia Woolf novel that didn’t quite make it to press—only, you know, without the fuck yas! And the awesomes!

Then again, maybe it’s (and by it’s I mean all of this—these thoughts, these connections between things) all just the dead trying to tell me something. Maybe it’s just the thoughts of the past connecting with those of the present. Maybe it’s another kind of ploughing/plowing—the eternal rotation of thought.

Ha, I’m not really sure what I mean by that but it sounds kind of cool.


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