Freewriting: The Prickly Place

Out past the dead end and on into the blackberry bushes where, believe it or not, people often went but only children and only when invited, was the prickly place. So named because the grass within the hollowed out space between the berries and bramble was dry, dead, and harsh so when you walked upon it in bare feet—which was the only way you were allowed—the blades pierced the bottoms ever so slightly. An occurrence that was irritating, yes, but  necessary according to Anne who made up the rule in the first place. Because Anne, even at the fresh age of seven, had already reached the conclusion that shoes inhibited one’s ability to feel the earth as it should be felt—entirely. And so it was that the children of the prickly place did not wear shoes. And it was not soon after, only a mere two steps, that they realized (after Harrison had shouted it out in dismay) that the place was prickly and the name was given.


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